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Title Notice for temporary suspension of Korea Post financial transactions

Our new financial system  will open soon!
Notice for temporary suspension 
of Korea Post financial transactions
In preparation of launching our new financial system, our financial services will be temporarily suspended. We are asking for your deep understanding and please note the details below:
Period of service suspension: 
5 May 2023 (Fri) 0:00AM to 8 May 2023 (Mon) 6:00AM
During the period of service suspension, all financial transactions using Korea Post accounts and those via other financial institutions’ platforms using Korea Post accounts will be unavailable, including the following service features: 
- Banking & insurance electronic financial services including mobile applications, internet (PC), phone banking, etc.
- All domestic & international transactions such as debit card payments, including charging service for local business voucher, cash withdrawal services, etc.
- Automated banking services on CD/ATM for deposit, withdrawal, account transfer, insurance transactions, etc. 
- Insurance subs-c-r-i-p-tion, insurance claim & payment, insurance premium payment, etc.
- Financial transactions using Korea Post accounts by ATM of other banks, contracted CD machines at subway stations, convenient stores, etc. 
- Transactions via pay services, such as Samsung Pay, connected to Korea Post accounts or debit cards, etc.
 We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience regarding the upcoming suspension, and we promise you to prepare for better services for our customers.
* Please make a necessary preparation in advance for any cash withdrawal or transfer you may need for the suspended period.
* Report of loss will be available for the suspended period via our banking service customer center (Tel. (82) 1588 1900 or (82) 1599 1900)

Date 2023-04-27
Count 360