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Major Facilities

Sport Facilities

Sports Ground

We have a natural-lawn soccer field in compliance with international standard as well as a foot volleyball court.

Outdoor Tennis Court

We have six tennis courts, two in clay surface, two in artificial- grass surface, and two in hard surface.

  • Six tennis courts in total
  • Location – Outside


Our gymnasium is equipped with various sports facilities such as basketball, foot volleyball, badminton, etc., and also suitable for various sports events as well as other performances.

Swimming Pool

The users can enjoy a safe swimming at our swimming pool, under the monitoring of safety guards at all time. It always maintain the best hygienic conditions through our perfect control in hygiene issues.

  • Six lanes
  • Accommodation capacity – up to 60 persons
  • Location – Sports Center

Bowling Alley

Our bowling alley supports its users to conveniently enjoy bowling by offering bowling shoes and ensuring our safety staff to swiftly respond to any failure or accident.

  • Eight lanes
  • Location – Gymnasium

Fitness Center

We have a fitness center equipped with various fitness equipment, where anyone can freely use for their physical training.

Table Tennis Room

Fully equipped with table tennis equipment such as rackets, table tennis balls, shoes, our table tennis room opens to anyone anytime. The users must wear sports shoes to protect their ankles and the room floor.

  • Five tables
  • Location – 1st floor

Billiard Room

We have two rooms for billiard, one for pool game and the other for billiard game. The rooms are equipped with cue sticks and billiard balls, and open all times.